China 101: Taking the Train

Taking the train in China is serious business. Especially during the holidays, they are often jam packed with weary travelers. However, they can also be one of the most fascinating ways to transport you on your voyage. You can see a great deal of China’s incredibly vast landscape through the massive train windows. While on our latest adventure, we took many different types of trains (soft sleepers, hard sleepers, sitting, standing, etc.), as well as the high-speed train from Xi’an to Shanghai. We took these trains through many different types of climates, from frigid Harbin to sub-tropical Fuzhou. K made this video to give you a quick sneak peak into our experiences!

Note: K tried to leave out the rather unsavory bits. For example, standing in incredibly long lines; the mad rush to the train platform; fighting to put your bag overhead; the bathroom situation; and the crowded shuffle to the exit.

As usual, it’s available in higher quality on Vimeo:

Our upcoming post is about the impromptu trip to Wuyi Mountain we took to celebrate Clear and Bright Festival. The mist over the mountains while we were bamboo rafting was almost surreal.

Stay tuned!

<3, K (&V)

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