Markets and Temples: A Thai Retrospective

Happy holiday season, all! V and I were sick for a week, so we lost the momentum of putting stuff out there. Sorry about that.

Specifically, the reason I haven’t put together a video in a while is because I thought I lost the footage from the second half of the trip. I erased my computer a couple times this year, and was convinced that several things disappeared in the migration. Thankfully, this is not the case!

I managed to put together a quick recap of some of the things we did in Thailand. The first two parts of the video are from a train market, and a floating market. The final section includes some shots from temples around the city. Bangkok is famous primarily because there are hundreds (thousands?) of temples in the municipality, so I showcased a few of those.

Floating markets are where people in Thailand come to exchange their wares. Since the country has so many waterways, it’s more natural for people to hop in a boat and congregate in the same place than it is to go to the town square.

A train market is a market constructed right around the tracks. The train comes through about 6 times a day. All the vendors have stands on wheels so they can move easily when they get warning a train is arriving. The market probably began this way to account for easy transportation of goods via trainline. People would frequently gather there to see what a new shipment would bring in, and the system of organization stuck.

I’m still working on my China mini-documentary, but that will come soon enough. There’s going to be several small videos in the interim though, so stay tuned!

<3, K (&V)

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