A Bizarre Bazaar

School’s out for the summer!! And we have less than 20 days left in China before we leave on our Southeast Asian travels.

K and I can hardly believe it. Time really does fly.

Anyways, one of the few things we will genuinely miss about our time here is our students. We have tried to share with you all some of the amazing traditions we have learned from them this year, but I must say this school-wide flea market takes the cake. We had never seen anything like it.

On the last day for high school seniors (3rd years getting ready to leave for university), students throw all of their notes and books out the window or sell them to the highest-bidding underclassman. There are many other things that go on the auction block as well: room decor, clothes, toys, tchochkes, even pets! Everything must go! K put together this awesome video of the “zoo” that ensues.

Check it out!

It’s quite ingenious, and certainly gives new meaning to “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

As usual, it’s available in higher quality on Vimeo:

Since we can’t take anything with us when we move, this was great inspiration for our own apartment giveaway. Can’t wait to have a clothing swap! Perhaps this will inspire some of you to do some fresh-start summer cleaning!

Happy recycling.

<3, V&K

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