Location: Angkor Wat, Kingdom of Cambodia

Even though it’s been a few months, our memory of Cambodia has yet to fade. The other young people we met at the hostel were kind, generous with their time, and great to talk to. They were some of the first people we spoke to in English after leaving China, and our eagerness to make friends showed. But our experience there wasn’t just about cheap beer, swimming pools, and markets.

Cambodia is home to the Angkor temple complex, an astounding relic known the world over. One can easily spend a week going from ruin to ruin and seeing the testament to human engineering and spirituality. People make pilgrimages to the place for good reason, especially Angkor Wat.

However, this week’s video showcases a temple that’s off the beaten path — Phnom Bak. Getting there was an ordeal: we rented a tuktuk and drove an hour into the countryside. The air sticky with humidity and insects, we climbed a mountain. We walked into the jungle with a soldier as our guide (he was stationed to guard the flak cannons and other anti-aircraft artillery on top of the mountain). We arrived at a clearing, and it was as if we were anthropologists who had happened upon a ancient city in uncharted territory. In contrast to the tourism destination of Angkor Wat, no one was there but the three of us.

As usual, it’s also available in higher quality on Vimeo:

Hope you are all having a wonderful Columbus Day (if you are visiting from the States) and enjoying your day off,

<3, K (&V)

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